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    Wednesday, August 15, 2007

    Remember when...

    Tonight I attended a wedding.

    A beautiful wedding.

    My rockin' cousin Chuck* married Shelly*, and at this wedding they had a video. It showed the usual pictures of them as babies and children, and of course pictures of them together as their love grew. Awww. But as I watched this video, I was reminded of just how fast time goes by. It's dumb, really, to get so wrapped up in everyday life that you forget the meaningful moments.

    But it happens.

    And now Chuck, the cute, spiky haired, tan, little monster, that no one could understand but his mom, is now a husband. And here I am, wondering how he grew up, and I haven't aged a bit. Can it be possible that in the figurative blink of an eye, it will be Emma getting married? And where has the time gone? What have I left behind for her to learn from and grow from?

    I'm left to wonder of the impact that I'm making on her life. I hope she takes all the good intentions I have, and knows that's the real person I am. I hope she doesn't see "The Avoider" I can be, or the social anxiety that plagues me, or the way I use humor to mask my low self esteem. I hope she only takes the good, and leaves the bad.

    I hope, I hope, I hope....

    What I really hope is that she could stay little forever, and never grow up to know of adult pressures. To eat with her hands and get food on her face. To swim like a fish, and not care how she looks in a swimsuit. To make friends with a person just because they like to slide down the curly slide too. To never have heartache, or peer pressure, or disappointment.

    But all these things are sure to come. And I can only look back and remember when she was my baby, my baby bear, my wiener dog.

    *Names have been changed to protect the innocent. Not that I'm implying that "Chuck" has ever been innocent in his life.

    3 Response(s):

    Jill Johnson said...

    OK what is up with the name changing bit. First Brittany now you. We all know you mean Chad and Shana or however you spell it. Is there some new blog thing I'm missing? How was the wedding anyway? I am sad I missed it. Don't worry Emma won't grow that fast I have a feeling the teenage years will slow down Dangit!!!

    Keli said...

    The wedding was cute. It turned out nice, and the weather was perfect. I only changed their names because I don't know how they would feel having their real names out there on the net. I don't mind mine, but I didn't exactly ask them....

    We're sorry you missed it too. When are you coming back?

    Kelly said...

    Oh, I definitely have similar wishes for my girls. It's so tough to have them grow up, and you know they are gradually leaving the protective shell you've created for them. That quote about motherhood is like having your heart walk outside your body is so true!