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    Tuesday, May 22, 2007

    Self Portrait Tuesday

    Old friends, new friends.

    This is not the best picture of Gretta, but it is the only (?) picture I can find of my newest bestest friend Laura. And it's not even a good one of her! I guess I'll have to do some serious picture taking at the pool this summer. Laura and I have lived by each other for nearly 5 years now. We have been friends for 3 of those years. I'm not sure why we weren't friends before that, but it doesn't really matter. I first met laura at the pool, and then we were made visiting teaching partners shortly thereafter. But we really didn't become fast friends until one fateful weekend in July of '05. We decided to take the trailer and head to Aspen for a long weekend to watch Laura's husband Rob race his mountain bike. We had a series of weird events happen on that trip. It started with running out of fuel on I-70 exactly half way between Green River Utah, and Fruita Colorado. At 3:00 AM. That was one expensive tank of fuel. We had to wait on the side of the road for the truck to bring us the diesel, and we sat on lawn chairs under the full moon and chatted. On the side of the freeway. What a sight we were. Then later that weekend Laura and I decided to hit the spa. Turns out they had some freaky "vapor caves" under the spa which supposedly released toxins from your skin with their natural healing properties. HA! They were like sweaty mine shafts that smelled like rotten eggs! It was a total Ghetto spa. But we still had fun. Then Rob rubbed Ben-Gay on his boy parts, crashed and beat up his shoulder, and we drove home in a hurricane! It was good times. Laura is a great friend. She brought me treats when I was put on bed rest. She shares her trash mags with me and makes awesome food. She emails me everyday, just to say "hi", and some how she just knows that good food, sun, and a good magazine make my day! She's the best!

    Sean and I go way back. Way, way back. Back all the way to Kindergarten. And maybe more, but I don't recall. So that definitely qualifies him as my oldest friend. And my dearest, of course. I realize that just "knowing" someone for years doesn't automatically qualify them as a friend, but the thing about Sean and I is that we have been friends this entire time. We have always had a special connection, even in the early days. Who would have ever thought that after years of saying he was "just Sean", we would end up falling in love. Insert "awwww" here. Not that our love and friendship hasn't been without its ups and downs, but alas, love is a turbulent ride. All these years we have sworn that it is our friendship roots that keep us together and also gives us the silly humor we share.

    6 Response(s):

    Paula said...

    Keli, You are so cheesy!! But I guess it's all true. I thank my stars every day for Sean, he takes such good care of you and the girls.
    Have a good day.

    Brittany said...

    I know that shirt! That's Sean's infamous pink cruise wear, isn't it????

    Jill Johnson said...

    oh yes we are all a little cheesy. Thay is one thing I have found about blogging. This is so much fun!!! Love you

    Jill Johnson said...

    What? I'm no more cheesy than you. It's all good. Pray for our Meg huh?

    Jill Johnson said...
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    Meg said...

    I TOTALLY agree.... Thanks ladies, I love you all!!