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    Tuesday, May 15, 2007

    Self Portrait Tuesday

    Wow, Tuesday already. This is shaping up to be a good week. This weeks challenge was for Mother's Day. Pay a tribute to your mom in a special way by showing what she has taught you throughout the years.

    This is what my mom has taught me. The power of a good family. She has done so much to keep us all together. She has us all (count them, 6 grandkids, sometimes 6 second cousins, and 3 of us kids plus our spouses, totaling 18!) over to her house every Sunday evening and happily makes brownies, cakes or whatever to keep up happy. We have great conversation knowing that we can say whatever is on our minds without being judged. We celebrate our birthdays, any holiday, and she cooks us turkey dinner for Conference Sundays. We do everything together, thanks to her. When we think of going to dinner, on vacation, or just hanging out at the pool, our family automatically comes to mind. I think part of this unity comes from the fact that my mom has worked with (for?) my dad for the last 38 or so years. Everyday. All day. And they are still married. From this she has taught us all patience, and long suffering. ;)

    So thanks, Mom. Because of you we will always be friends. We would be even if we weren't family. You've taught me well. I hope I can teach my kids the lessons you've taught me and in such a good manner.

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