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    Wednesday, April 25, 2007

    Outside Day!

    Yesterday was such a nice day here, we couldn't let it pass by without enjoying the warm weather. I had all the windows open during the day, but when Sean came home from work, our house was 76 degrees! Anyone that knows me at all knows that I start getting really annoyed when my house gets over 68. You can imagine my mood! So thankfully Sean turned on the A/C for me, and I was blissfully chilly all night. But here are a few pics of the kiddies outside enjoying the evening.

    Gretta enjoying her first time outside on the grass

    My 2 babies. Aren't they cute? I swear, Maggie looks so sweet and innocent in pictures. What you don't see is that in exactly 13 seconds from this shot, she peed her pants, put them in the dryer, and turned it on. What a nice girl.

    Emma playing Nintendo DS. Thanks to Nunn for letting us borrow it. Emma has this habit of getting so excited about things that she'll wake up at the crack of dawn, or earlier, just to get the day started. I think she's been up at 5 AM the last 3 days because she's so excited to play Dogz on the DS.

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