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    Monday, April 02, 2007

    Before and after



    Can you even tell a difference? There is one, really. We had this horrible Lemony Yellow color that I swear to this day was mixed wrong, because I would have never picked such a yucky color in my right mind. Finally, two years later, we, (meaning Sean), fixed it with the correct color. A more mustardy, baby poop colored yellow. I actually love it. Maybe I love baby poop. Weird. Either way, Sean impressed me yet again with his painting perfectionism whilst Meg and I went on a lovely 15 mile bike ride to enjoy Saturday's pleasant weather. Next on the docket: The TABLE!!! Now if we, (again meaning Sean), could just get that one done in time for Sunday's blessed event.

    5 Response(s):

    Min said...

    I didn't think the old color was horrible and yucky, but I do like the new color better! Good luck with tht table and I want to see pictures when it is done.

    amy k said...

    i totally like the new color! i can tell the difference. good luck with sunday!

    Kirsten said...

    I think the same. It is looks great. Good job sean.

    Betsy said...

    The new color definitely matches better than the old. Love it!!!

    snapdragon said...

    Looks good! Sean should come paint our house. =)