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    Friday, September 29, 2006

    No more bets.

    As far as I can tell, the bets were 5 boys to 3 girls. And it looks like the minority rules this time. It's a GIRL!!! I'll post the pics as soon as I get them. The machine was down so they couldn't print them or the CD. It should be ready this afternoon.

    6 Response(s):

    Min said...

    9 girls, 3 boys

    I think the boys need a lot of help catching up.

    Congrats! She'll have lots of girls to play with.

    Keli said...

    Can you believe another girl? What on earth did I ever do to deserve this? Sean may need to get a second job to pay for all this girl stuff.

    Michelle said...

    Congrats!! It is amazing how many girls are being born coming from a family with all boys (and 1 girl).
    I was just telling Ken on the way home that if is was a girl, she had have 4 cousins her age.

    Maybe you will have a boy the next time.

    Jacob and Amy said...

    Girls are just as fun! Congrats.

    Bonny Brae said...

    it's actually cheaper to have all the same gender - lots of recycling.

    although if you catch the american girl habit (like we have) it's a lot more expensive.

    congratulations! i think you'll have fun.

    Kirsten said...

    Oh my goodness, I just can't believe it! That is too funny. Congratulations.