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    Wednesday, August 16, 2006

    This is a poll, of sorts.

    Okay. Here goes. I have a dilemma. For the last 14 weeks or so I've felt like crap. This is not news. However, in my feeling like crap, a lot of things have been neglected. My kids, for example, both need haircuts, as does the dog. Those can wait. What is really bothering me is the neglect that is showing in my house. I have serious dust bunnies. Everywhere. Normally I pride myself on keeping a pretty clean house. Nothing immaculate, but picked up at least. And now, as I sit here, I have 3 piles of garbage that need to be taken out, and dishes that need to be put away and loaded in the dishwasher. I just don't have the strength or motivation to do it. So here's where the poll of sorts comes in. I grew up with a housekeeper. She did all the yucky stuff like clean the toilets and dust the baseboards, all those kind of things. I still had plenty of chores to keep me busy, but I never had to worry about doing THOSE things. Now I'm considering hiring a housekeeper to come in ONCE and deep clean all my blinds, baseboards, fan blades, bathrooms and such. This would not be a permanent thing. I just don't feel like doing it, and when I do get a bug to do it, I pay the price for a week! It is a little selfish, but it's for a good cause, right? Before I go any further, I should tell you that Sean is vehemently against this idea. He thinks he could do it all and take the money we would have paid the housekeeper and buy himself something nice. The problem with this is that he doesn't do it. He also tells me I should have the kids (namely Emma) do it, but that actually creates more work for me, thus nullifying the idea at all. So would you do it? I'm interested to know where the women stand on this subject, but the men can comment as well. Remember, I'm growing a person here. It's not just because I'm lazy!

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    Jacob and Amy said...

    I say if you have the money and means....Go for it. Have them come and and clean everything thorough and then you can start fresh and try to keep on top of it. That is what I want to do on our new house. I want to move into it completely clean and nice. I have too many "young" kids right now that I would probably barely get started and get interupted.

    I was lucky and Jake helped clean my last pregnancy. He cleaned the bathrooms whenever I asked him too. I would get deathly sick from the smells of the soaps, mainly Lysol.

    Good luck! Let us know the results.


    Eliza said...

    If it were me and my husband, I'd give him a deadline and if he doesn't have it cleaned by a certain day, then hire someone! A clean house makes everything better.

    And I agree, in my first trimester I pretty much couldn't stand to do normal things like cook, clean, or even just pick up after myself. And I don't even have kids! It's not like you want to make this a regular thing (although if you did, and you could afford it, I'd say go for it too!) and the peace of mind will make it 100% worth it.

    Then, you can teach the kids to clean in a few months or even years, when you have the time and energy.

    Mike said...

    Pardon me, I'm just imagining my brother in an apron and rubber gloves.

    ... hehehehe.

    I'm done now.


    Min said...

    I'm still trying to get unburied from the last 2 pregnancies and births... good luck.

    Kirsten said...

    In highschool/college I cleaned for a lady two times a month and enjoyed the extra money (although it wasn't a ton). But we both benefited by the exchange. She had clean bathrooms and I had a few extra dollars for ??? (where does that money go?). I say if it will keep you sane (which is very important during pregnancy), go for it!

    Anonymous said...

    The main floor is now clean!!!! Emma rocks at cleaning base boards and blinds (at least as high as she can reach) Maggie tried! Tonight will be the upstairs. And this is for Mike. I only wore rubber gloves.... aprons just get in the way.


    Keli said...

    UPDATE: Sean was awesome and cleaned the entire main floor last night. The girls did help, and he did a great yob. It was wonderful to wake up this morning to clean blinds and windows, and know that there was no clutter sucking my energy away. I knew I married him for a reason. Thanks, honey. I love you!

    Phoebe said...

    SOund slike a little blog pressure helped. Maybe that's all you need!
    David and I have an ongoing discussion/disagreement. I grew up with a cleaning lady and he grew up cleaning. He thinks that kids are supposed to learn how to do the chores so they have a good work ethic. I have pointed out that I am a very good cleaner despite the fact that I grew up with a cleaning lady. We'll see what happens.

    Jacob and Amy said...

    I don't think guys know how "difficult" it is with kids and trying to clean. I keep a clean house but would love ANY possible help.


    Eliza said...

    We had a cleaning lady a lot of the time that I was growing up but we still cleaned a lot too. We never had a cleaning lady from the time I was 13 or so until I went to college, so Hannah and Noah and I all had weekly and daily chores. And our mom is--or was--sort of a clean freak too (i.e., vacuuming and sweeping every night after doing the dishes). I didn't clean much when I was little, but all through my teen years I did, and I think that was enough to make me a good cleaner when I moved out on my own!

    I guess it just depends on your philosophy. For the moment, my philosophy is that the kids can do it or a cleaning lady can do it--I just don't want to! (Although I do, seeing as we have no kids and no cleaning lady.) I think once kids are older they definitely should get some cleaning years in before they go off to college, so that they don't become the disgusting roommate (or spouse, or mission companion) who doesn't wash dishes or scrub toilets or clear out dust bunnies. No one likes that roommate.

    ~Single for now~ said...

    I can remember growing up having to clean very saturday. I would always try to hide at my friends, but one of my sublings would come after me. At dinner time we would have to peel potaoes, set the table, clear, the table, wash the dishes and dry them. We each had a turn doing this. We did not have a dishwasher back the. We were the dishwasher. If my brothers had something they wanted to do on their day, they would pay me $.50 to do the core. I didn't get rich but I did have some extra money. As i recall it was mostly Bill who ask.

    ~Single for now~ said...

    I forgot that I was on Jayme's computer. This was Aunt Mary posting.

    Bonny Brae said...

    I'm probably behind on this thread, but I do have kids and I do have a housekeeper and I grew up with and without a housekeeper.

    I think it is all about the attitude of the parents.

    If you are snotty to whomever is helping you, your children will pick up on that.

    On Thursdays when Saira comes it means we are ALL working that day. She is a great motivator. Everyone helps put away toys and junk, fold clothes, empty the dishwasher, whatever. She does do the heavy stuff - windows, mopping, changing sheets, toilets, etc. But during the week we still have to do plenty of maintenance - windows get sticky everyday - and Esme' and Annika love spraying windex and wiping them clean, the kitchen needs to be swept at leaast once a day - they help with the dust pan, etc. same goes for the other work. They have to make their beds and empty the dishwasher and set and clear the table. If they are doing it with a cheerful parent, they will like it and learn to do it.

    End of lecture.

    So I think it's great that Sean cleaned the house and sounds like your kids had fun and are learning too.

    And I sympathize with your feeling crummy and being busy with the kids.

    But this too shall pass.

    grannybabs said...

    I have had a cleaning lady off and on for the last 20+ years and I vote for them!! They are not helping your kids, they are helping you! My kids had to work each day - making beds, setting tables, dishes, emptying trash, folding laundry, ad infinitum. A twice a month cleaning lady doesn't get it all done!

    And I required them to have their rooms "cleaned up" before she came - I said, I'm paying her to clean, not pick up after you.

    You are helping out the economy, helping out your family and most of all, giving yourself the luxury of having everything clean all at once at least twice a month - and that is heaven.

    Harry is the one who started it all - when we had a foster child and our lives were in chaos, he innocently said, "Would it help to have a cleaning lady?" I rushed out and found one the next day! (I was pregnant with Hannah too!)

    So that't my take on it - our cleaning lady may be moving, so I will have to face the whole issue once again - I may opt not to have her - just to have the money for myself for some luxury!!