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    Monday, May 15, 2006

    A beautiful day

    We have returned from the gorgeous contrasting colors of Bryce Canyon. It is a spectacular place. We did a few hikes, nothing too strenuous, and just enjoyed the views.

    It's funny how a place like that can really get you thinking. Not so much about the time and circumstances that have to come together to create such an amazing place, but more about how when you look at it, it touches your soul. On the way home, as we drove through the various landscapes of the area, the red rock and hoodoos always caught my eye the most. I decided I know what it is. It's the contrast between the orange of the rocks and the blue of the sky. And then I got to thinking about life in general and how contrast is what gives us so much of what we love. Men and women, good and bad, right and wrong, babies and elders, it's what makes life life. No wonder it is such a beautiful place. Without contrast like that what would we have, really? Just more of the same mediocre sagebrush covered hills of life. Nice, but not spectacular. So I guess it gives me a reason to enjoy the differences that are all around me.

    2 Response(s):

    Eliza said...

    Very insightful. Thanks for the thoughts.

    Anonymous said...

    I wish I had gone with you. I love Bryce Canyon. As a matter of fact, that is where Mike's twin got his middle name. Aaron Bryce Clayton. I bet, Sean didn't know that?!!!!!