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    Tuesday, February 07, 2006

    This pretty much sums it up.

    The first few days of the cruise went fine. Okay weather, not too much sun, but not particularly eventful, either. Cabo was beautiful, but the water was freezing, so the snorkeling was fast. I think mom and dad only did it for about 5 minutes, and I could only take about 30 since I had forgotten my earplugs, and the cold water was killing my ears. I did see an octopus, though. That was cool. Next stop, Mazatlan. Here's a tip when planning a trip to Mazatlan. Go to the nearest landfill, set up a lawnchair. Note the annoying seagulls. Next, have several of the most annoying people you know come by every 5 minutes offering to sell you some of the said refuse. That's pretty much Mazatlan. Puerto Vallarta. This is a place I could stay for a few days. Awesome food, and beautiful scenery. But this is when it all started. We took a boat to a city that has no roads in and no electricity. It was about an hours boat ride there. Well, 30 minutes in, Sean starts chumming for fish, if you know what I mean. So we stop to snorkel. Then Dad starts. And mom soon follows, although she never actually up chucked, but she was very green. So the theme for the day was what goes down must come up. We thought once we were on the ship, we'd all be fine. Not so. Turns out all the way home we had like 10 foot swells and most of the boat was sick. Not I. I thought I was so tough. Well, turns out I got sick, but not sea sick. Just a bad cold. So that is our trip. After going to the Carribean last year, the Pacific just doesn't measure up. I'm spoiled.

    5 Response(s):

    Min said...

    Mom mentioned that Dad got sick. Sounds like a "great" return trip. I'll bet you are glad to be home with your girls.

    Britt said...

    As much as chumming sucks, it does make the best stories!

    Keli said...

    We're pretty glad to be home. I'll get pictures up as soon as I get my camera unpacked. It sucks coming home with a cold. I don't want to do anything! The girls are glad to have us back, but they had a total blast with aunt Kristen. Abby broke her arm the day we left, of course. I knew if it wasn't one of mine, it would be her! The missed us and grew up a ton! I'm already looking forward to next years cruise. We're flying to Honolulu and cruising the islands for 7 days and flying home. You're all invited. We have 50 cabins reserved and it's $760 per person for an inside cabin not including air fare. Start saving your pennies!

    Jacob said...

    I am sure that you will enjoy your Hawaii trip. We spent the first part of December on Mauii, and now for the past 5 weeks since getting home all I can do is daydream of the clean beaches, the warm water and the good food.

    I begged Amy the entire time we were there to let us move to Hawaii but no such luck.

    Maybe She will give in next year.

    Keli said...

    I'm pretty excited for Hawaii. My friend is going with us, and she and her boyfriend are going to get married on the ship! I think that will be cool. It totally suits their party personalities! I keep trying to talk Sean in to letting us move to Costa Maya in the Caribbean. I loved it there. White sand beaches, grass huts, and blue clear water. Perfect!